Know Your WHY

Finding Your Why

Your "Why " is your reason for signing up for the 30-Day Fresh Start Cleanse, and why you desire to become healthier. When you come back to your "Why " every single day and are reminded of why you started in the first place, it makes quitting out of the question. It gives purpose and meaning to your individual journey. It inspires you when you feel uninspired. It motivates you when you feel unmotivated. It drives you when you'd rather simply throw in the towel and give up.

When writing out your why, take a moment to listen to your intuition and your heart. Try your best to clearly state your authentic "why", driven by your heart and not just your head. Let me give you an example; you could say your Why for completing the 30-Day Fresh Start Cleanse is to have abs. This could be true, but there's no emotion expressed there and it's a very surface reason. It is totally ok to want abs, but I want you to dig a bit deeper. Instead I would ask you, "Why? Why do you want abs? What does it symbolize?" When you search a bit deeper to see where it stems from it will give you more guidance on your authentic heart-driven Why. After diving deeper, your Why may become something like, "I want to confidently express myself through my body and I want to wake up each morning full of vital energy". Reading your "why" should make you excited about the new reality you are about to experience!

You'll know you've hit your real reason when you start to feel emotions bubble up from within you. It could be the joy of moving around pain-free, it could be the sadness that comes from wanting to be done with years of pain, it could be the sense of pride from showing a friend or family member how far you've come. When you've found that emotional reason, express it in words or images which also evoke that same emotion out of you each time you look at it.

Required Action

Before you start the cleanse, spend as much time as you need to dig into that deep (emotional) reason why you want to do this cleanse. Post your "Why" statement or picture on your fridge, kitchen cupboards or bathroom mirrors to remind yourself daily of why you started and are committed to this process! From now until the end of this cleanse, you must start and end every single day by FEELING your Why (simply reading it without feeling it will not work and will not create action).

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