Introduction to Fresh Start Cleanse

Welcome to the Fresh Start Cleanse!

The next 30 days will be transformational if you just put your mind to it! I remember the first time I joined a cleanse. It was daunting and frustrating. However, I kept cleansing year after year and I continued to see amazing results in my skin and overall health - even overcoming 'chronic' conditions. I created my whole life around a cleanse lifestyle and haven't looked back since!

I created the Fresh Start Cleanse with a certified nutritionist to simplify the cleansing process day-by-day and give you professional support and community as you go through this detoxing process.

Read through the Fresh Start Cleanse Preparation content, and when you're ready we will begin our 30 day journey together! Throughout the cleanse I have included comment sections where you can ask questions, express concerns and share your transformation results. There is also a dedicated Fresh Start Cleanse Community group where you can share your journey with others.

Trust in yourself and in the process and let's get cleansing!


Cleanse Phases

The Fresh Start Cleanse has three phases which guide your body through a safe and effective detox journey.

Phase 01 focuses on Support and Stability. During this phase your body will become stronger naturally as you implement your new eating habits and take the first set of doTERRA supplements. These foods and supplements are designed to take the load off your liver and kidneys so that you will be able to process the influx of toxins which come during Phase 02 as you release old garbage stored in the body.

Phase 02 focuses on Removal and Release. After creating a strong foundation for your body in Phase 01, you will be ready to release all the toxins and harmful bacteria from within your gut. The supplements you will be taking during this phase will seek out and destroy those baddies freeloading in your body. The supplements will also support your body so that you will be able to remove waste safely and efficiently.

Phase 03 focuses on Rebuilding and Restoration. It's no use cleaning out the waste products if you don't replace them with good healthy bacteria and nutrients while giving your body proper rest cycles to heal itself. In this phase you will experience the joy of a wholesome body and uncover the healing habits you never knew were possible, all the while being supported with doTERRA's top restoration supplements that will even repair you at the cellular level.

Customization Paths

There is no one-size-fits all strategy for cleansing and so the Fresh Start Cleanse takes your individual situation into account by creating multiple customization paths so that you can experience the cleanse at the intensity you feel capable of handling.

There are customization streams which you can choose from across in 24 of the lessons resulting in a possible 16,777,216 different ways of completing this cleanse. But don't worry, your path will become crystal clear through our 'Which Path Quiz Question'.

The two customization streams in each lesson are as follows:

The Steady Path: This is the path for cleanse beginners as they learn how to build new habits to start treating their body in a healthy way. This path won't yield the same result as The Impact Path but will be much easier to stick to if you are new - which can result in a greater result down the road.

The Impact Path: This is the path for those who consider themselves healthy and are already aware of some of the major do's and don'ts of healthy eating and self-care. This path will yield a bigger result than The Steady Path but will involve a strong willpower and more discomfort.

If you're unsure of which path to take, answer the Which Path Quiz Question and you will be sorted out to the recommended path.

Keep in mind that you can choose the correct path for you in each and every lesson and it will always be possible for you to retake the Fresh Start Cleanse in the future and have an entirely fresh experience as you make new choices.

The Inspiration Corner

Each lesson will include outside resources that are meant to give you an extra boost to follow through on your cleanse. While it may not be easy, these affirmations, words of encouragement, articles, and videos will give you inspiration to better yourself, your eating habits and ultimately, the world!

Super Support

Each lesson will include recommendations for additional products which you can use to give yourself extra support if you are feeling like you need it for any of the lessons. My team and I are always here to support you, but we also have extra tips you may not find anywhere else!

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