Welcome & How To Use This Course


Welcome to Life More Abundantly - Abundance in Physical Health - Free Preview!

I am excited to have you here! I know you will be in awe with all of the new abundance lessons you will learn.

What to expect

In this course you can expect 4 lessons:

  • Abundance in Food
  • Abundance in Fitness
  • Abundance in Pharmacology
  • Abundance in Physical Appearance

This course comes with a printable book available for download below. Each video lesson will tell you which pages coincide with the book. I highly recommend printing this book out to follow along with the videos. If you don't have a printer, an iPad or your computer will work too! You can still use the PDF to follow along and fill out the questions on your computer.

Ready? Let's get started!

Kimberley Milousis

LMA-Part 1-Physical Health-Free Course.pdf